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Humble-bragging of the rich and famous

Posted by keithosaunders on December 2, 2015

Greetings from Paris, 

With warm Holiday Wishes to you and yours. Should we still be in New York, we would certainly attend your consistently enjoyable celebration.

We have moved our home fires to the City of Light and are purchasing a wonderful corner apartment, on the oldest street in the city, with a view of Notre Dame.

Please be thoughtful enough to extend our best wishes to the kind staff who served us so well for so many years.

Merry Christmas to all of our friends at 69 [insert 5th or Park Ave address here]

File this email under ‘First world problems.’  This was an RSVP to an invitation to an annual work party.  It was probably only meant for the host but it ended up being cced to the entire mailing list.

The stakes of the one percent humble-brag are high, my friends.  I mean, how is one to top a corner apartment overlooking Notre Dame?  On the oldest street in the city!  We’re talking old money, here, not some trendy nouveau riche address in Bastille.

The cherry on top is how [they] ‘extend best wishes to the kind staff who served us so well for many years.’  How big of them!  I’m sure the staff will miss hearing about their winters in Palm Beach or their madcap skiing weekends in Aspen.

Someone shoot me now.

6 Responses to “Humble-bragging of the rich and famous”

  1. sportsattitudes said

    In a prior work environment I was at a place who insisted on interrupting each Thursday between 10-1030 am for a “company meeting.” All of us were expected to attend and we crowded into a small area like cattle. Needless to say the meetings were pointless but one morning in particular stood out where we had our work interrupted and delayed so the President could show us his “working vacation” pictures from traveling overseas. Watching a 1% er on holiday. Ego runs wild and has no boundaries for the rich.

  2. SMcKP said

    Damn dude, I got a lot of reading ahead of me! I scanned a couple posts to make sure you’re not going to blow up a rodeo in Texas or something, but you sold me on being a musician, I mean your a piano player, not a drummer living with the girlfriend of the month, so you MUST be sincere. Haha

    I’m gonna follow you now and thanks for liking my stupid little post. Cheers

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