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Going to the dogs

Posted by keithosaunders on December 10, 2015

I have a steady solo piano gig every Wednesday night at a restaurant/bar in San Francisco.  I eat on my break which normally comes around 8:30.  There’s a Burger King right at the exit of my BART stop and sometimes I’ll buy a hamburger there to hold me over until dinner.  (Yes I realize fast food is bad but a small hamburger once a month or so won’t kill me.)

Yesterday was one of those burger-craving days so I stopped in at BK.  This woman was in front of me in line at Burger King with two Basset hounds. I smiled and said, “Oh what good dogs,” to which she replied, “DON’T GET TOO CLOSE! YOU’RE MAKING THEM ANXIOUS. STAY BACK.”

The dogs shifted slightly but they didn’t appear to be that anxious — they just wanted to sniff me.  I tried letting the lady know that I liked dogs and was comfortable around them.  The more I talked the more agitated she got. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  THEY’RE GETTING NERVOUS.  WHY CAN’T YOU STAY BACK.  DO YOU HATE DOGS?  GET BACK!”

At this point the dogs actually were becoming a little agitated, more because of their master than anything else.  I decided to avoid a potential Cujo incident and I left.  My arteries thanked me but I was hungry for another two hours.

[shakes fist] Frisco!


One Response to “Going to the dogs”

  1. Always wanted to visit San Fran. Trust me…if I do I will skip the tour of Burger King. Sounds like it is going to the dogs…

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