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Happy St Patty’s Day

Posted by keithosaunders on March 17, 2016

There is no more moronic of a holiday than St Patrick’s Day. It starts when you’re a little kid in grade school and your forced – coerced – into wearing green. What is that? Training for Hitler (Trump) youth? ‘Hey you little bastards, get your conformity on!’ When I was a kid you would get pinched if you forgot to wear green, because what’s a holiday without sadism, am I right? Pogrom, anyone?

 As an adult, St Patty’s day is an excuse to get your daytime drunk on. Ah, there’s nothing like puking before 12 noon. Good times. In New York, or wherever the hell else they hold parades, (Ireland, I guess) it’s another excuse for homophobia.  This is a holiday that serves no purpose.  Let’s eliminate it and replace it with Nat King Cole Day.

4 Responses to “Happy St Patty’s Day”

  1. verdun2 said

    But if we did Nat King Cole day we’d have to listen to people with no talent try to sing “Unforgettable” all damned day.
    Having said that, I like the idea. Here’s to Nat King Cole day.

  2. Nat King Cole day!? Nah…I’d go with Miles Davis’ day though. There would be drinkin’ and druggin’ of course but it wouldn’t be celebrated by normal working squares and college kids.

  3. Either one of those musicians would be a marked improvement over St Paddy’s day. Nat Cole was actually born on 3/17 which is why he came to mind, but there’s nothing to stop us from moving the holiday to Miles birthday. In fact, it’s coming up: May 26th!

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