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We get it, Keith Jarrett is great

Posted by keithosaunders on March 19, 2016

Keith Jarrett came on my Pandora this morning and as usual I loved his playing. The song ended – I think it was a Gerry Mulligan tune – and it must have been the last song of the concert because the audience went crazy, clapping whistling, who knows, maybe they even took off their clothes a la Woodstock.

That’s fine — the delicate genius earned his applause. For some reason, however, the producer, Manfred Eicher, left the entire minute and a half standing ovation on the recording. Hey Manfred, we already know he’s great, all you’re doing is making us hate him even more.


One Response to “We get it, Keith Jarrett is great”

  1. Haha he is such a beast.

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