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Big Holiday strikes again

Posted by keithosaunders on May 8, 2016

Folks, once again Big Holiday has reared its ugly head.

Today every Major League baseball team is wearing uniforms with pink trim on the numbers, as well as pink shoes. First of all, who made the executive decision that pink is the official color of mothers everywhere? How do we know they don’t prefer red?

Other than the blatant pandering, which MLB has perfected to an art form, why do you suppose they went to the trouble and expense to outfit 30 teams with uniforms they’ll only where once? Why the merchandising, of course. They’ll be selling these putrid unis in every Stadium souvenir shop in the land.

Let’s contrast this marketing strategy with the template that was used in the 70s when I was a kid: They had Mothers Day double headers. I can recall my Dad taking us to a few of them.

But most Moms don’t like baseball, you say? WHO CARES! It was a great deal and the game wasn’t yet pussified – catchers were able to block the plate and runners executed take-out slides.

One Response to “Big Holiday strikes again”

  1. Tell it like it is Keith.

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