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Comes the deplorables

Posted by keithosaunders on November 9, 2016

I was wrong.  For nine months I insisted that there is no way that the American people would elect Donald Trump.  Although we have a conservative, celebrity-driven culture, I insisted, we are not reactionary enough to elect an unintelligent, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, failed realtor.

How wrong I was.  Today, along with the rest of liberal Americans, I eat crow.  I over-estimated the intelligence of the American people.

And to the blue-collar, salt of the earth, working class Americans in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin I sent out a hearty and heartfelt, fuck you.   Get the fuck out of here with your high-minded morality and your hypocritical church going ways.  Because guess what?  He’s taking you down right alongside lefty, commie, kale-loving yours truly.

The fact is that you real Americans are going to need affordable health care, roads, schools, and who knows, maybe even an abortion or two.  Good luck with all of that.  Do you really believe that a crooked billionaire real estate mogul gives even the tiniest fuck about the state of blue-collar America?  If you do I was wondering if you would invest in my next recording project:  Keitho plays the music of Bud Powell.  That record has a better chance of going platinum than blue collar workers do of finding jobs under a Trump presidency.

Listening to NPR radio last night I nearly threw up in my mouth.  The general consensus was that a populist movement propelled Trump to the Whitehouse.  I call bullshit.  It was pure, unadulterated racism.  We have seen the kind of people that a Trump rally attract.  They are scum of the earth, thuggish, racist, white trash.  You can take that kind of populism and shove it up your ass.

Eight years ago I voted and for the first time in my life was proud to be an American.  Now I am ashamed to be one.  These are dark days.



9 Responses to “Comes the deplorables”

  1. ghostof82 said

    I’m sure there is a lot of racism that got Trump elected, but like the Brexit vote over here in the UK, I think most of it is anti-authority/ anti-establishment protest voting. In a world of plenty there are many disinfranchised people out there, people who feel they are being ignored or -worse- simply lied to. The political elite has become, on both sides of the Atlantic, remote from many.

    Yes Trump has conned them, but was Clinton really any different? I think more anger than reason got Trump his votes. We need politics of substance, of honesty, of uncomfortable truths, not misdirection and denial and scare-mongering and celebrities on twitter and facebook. I think all politicians need to accept some blame for the rise of Trump and of UKIP over here. These politicians created the perfect soil for them to thrive in, and we will see similar results in Europe next year.

    • I hear what you are saying and I have struggled with these issues as well but in the end I have concluded that they are vastly different. Trump is a racist and attracts a white-supremist base as evidenced by the endorsement of the KKK. Now we are facing the very real threat of thousands being without insurace, the overturning of Roe v Wade, plus who knows, and whatever foreign policy deabcles he leads us into.

  2. I think the polls were wrong because so many white folks didn’t want to say publicly they were voting for a racist. This really was, as the CNN commenters said, a real “white-lash.” I just can’t get over how many people voted against their own interests.

    • I thought about that as well but I don’t see why someone would lie in an anonymous poll. This puts an interesting spin on future elections. Why should we ever believe any poll?

      • There is that. But I also believe even with anonymity people were reluctant to admit they were voting for a misogynist racist – but on voting day, they decided all that was preferable to a woman who spent her life in public service and was devoted to an inclusive country.

      • That’s the terrible thing about this — there is no explanation that gives solace. All are equally horrible.

      • ghostof82 said

        Regards the polls, that exact same discussion is going on here in the UK. There have been two situations now -the last election and the recent referendum- in which all the polls have been completely wrong and the results as big a shock as Trump winning. I think its a case of white voters being afraid of declaring their true intent in opposition of the popular media view, which they see as the elite/establishment being reinforced by corporate propaganda anyway.

        I’m sorry, it makes me sounds like a communist or something. Trump really did the same as Hitler did, he saw a disinfranchised and threatened group and appealed to their fears and paranoia. My contention is that the political powers of the past twenty years have allowed this to happen by the exclusive policies, either through self-interest or ignorance. And people still haven’t forgiven the Financial sector for the last recession/economic disaster. People lost jobs and homes and are still suffering. Millionaire politicians seem out of touch to many- the irony that a billionaire appealed to them is priceless.

  3. zapple100 said

    I think the main reason Trump won was because people wanted change. Clinton would have been another four years of Obama and people were tired of it.

    • I know. People have been mansplaining this to me, especially since I predicted a Clinton rout. I don’t think racism can be discounted — people really responded to Trumps antipathty towards Muslims and Mexicans. But you’re right, Clinton was a piss poor candidate that people generally despised. Hell, I voted for her and I didn’t even like her.

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