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Good riddance to Super Bowl LI

Posted by keithosaunders on February 6, 2017

Stick a fork in the football season. This was the worst football post season I can ever remember. The Giants laid an egg, the Raiders lost their QB to injury, and every game was lopsided. The Super Bowl was a piece of garbage. Why do they even let any team from Atlanta in that game? You would think, with a 28-3 lead the Falcons would at least run some clock. Would that have been asking too much?!

How fitting, in this era of Trump, that cheaters such as Brady and Belichick are rewarded with accolades and Super Bowl victories. They lucked into it this year by playing the ultimate chump team, and they lucked into it two years ago when Seattle, for some fix-is-in reason, neglected to hand the ball off to Marshawn Lynch FROM THE HALF YARD LINE.

I hate all sports.


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13 Responses to “Good riddance to Super Bowl LI”

  1. zapple100 said

    The way it was going I thought The Falcons were going to win 64 to 3. Pats had no offense the first half. They even tried trick plays to get something going.
    I think The Falcons problem the second half was they didn’t play to win. They played not to lose. They Brady picked the apart and The Falcons were hoping time would run out before The Pats caught up to them.

    • There was that one point in the 4th quater when Atlanta had the ball on the Pats 10 and Ryan kept getting sacked until they were out of field goal range. If they had only handed the ball off a few times, ran some clock, they could have gotten the 3 points and run clock. The 3 points was probably all they needed to ice that game. What a chump team.

  2. dawgtrainer said

    Thought I might share some insight with you. Have you ever heard of Gematria or numerology? If you don’t mind I would like to share some with you.

    You mention the 28-3 Falcon lead. 28-3 is 28/3. The 28th of March. Lady Gaga’s birthday. The losing team is from Georgia or GA. lady GAGA. The 28-3 lead was a difference of 25 points.

    The 25th Prime is 97. Bill Belichick=97 in ordinal gematria. 25- the game was played on 2/5. The AFC won their 25th Super Bowl. Tom Brady won his 25th playoff game of 34 attempts. Patriots finished with 34 points. The royal baby Princess Charlotte was born 2/5 (date first). Her birthday is 2 months 27 days after the Super Bowl. 22/7=3.14 a Pi code. Twenty two divided by seven=314 in ordinal gematria. She was born May 2, 2015. (5+2+15=22) Thomas=22. That is Brady’s first name and Matt Ryan’s middle.

    Thomas Patrick Edward Brady=2023. Super Bowl Li in Houston=2023 in Jewish Gematria.

    The game finished with a total of 62 points. Matt Ryan’s first pass in the NFL was a 62 yard touchdown pass. Queen=62. Queen Elizabeth II began her reign on 6/2 (date first) and had her coronation was 6/2 (month first). So that’s why we saw a team from new ENGLAND win.

    This is only a glimps of the abundance of coding that the powers that shouldn’t be put on these games. I didn’t come here to cause problems I only want to share knowledge and help people realize sports are rigged.

    • You’re either on the spectrum or the greatest genius this country has ever known.

      • dawgtrainer said

        Thank you Keith. I assure you that I’m neither of those two. I am apart of a small but growing community of people that are making people aware of gematria and numerology. Two of the major practices of the occult/NWO/illuminati. It is how they script sports, politics, contrived media events, and the world of entertainment as a whole. They love to mock the people. It’s time for the people of the world to “wake-up” and realize, real eyes, see real lies. That’s why on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall (11/9) Donald Trump, a man who’s campaign was run on building a wall, becomes president. Foreseen in a “Trump Tower Serta Mattress ad” released in 2010. Master Plan=119.

        Here is a link of a decode of that commercial.

        Here are two gematria calculator web sites. Followed by a date calculator.

        Notice the internet is always bringing up how the Simpsons cartoon is somehow predicting things? Are you familiar with Pi? Ya know like circles and cycles? 22/7=3.14. In gematria when you write out the phrase. Twenty two divided by seven=314.

        The Simpson’s ep. “Lisa Goes Gaga=227” airing 1722 weeks before the Big Game syncs up perfectly with. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.=1722. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana=1722. Princess Charlotte’s 2nd birthday coming 2 months 27 days after the Super Bowl. In the cartoon we also get a preview of Lady Gaga’s halftime act that included the suspended artist flying around.

        A more recent episode of the Simpsons called “The Town” got the internet buzzing. It’s the one about football. It’s episode 3 season 28. 3/28. Gaga’s birthday and 28-3 the score at the time of Brady’s comeback in the Super Bowl. A fellow truth-seeker on wordpress has a gematria blog I highly recommend.

        I know it’s a lot to take in and process. Start slow and go easy. Remember when your first waking up the light hurts your head.

      • Omg, look, I’ll be happy if they do away with replay in sports, OK?

      • dawgtrainer said

        You would be happy if they done away with replay? I know your being sarcastic but brother your missing the point. You should be happy that someone is showing you that sports are scripted no different than the WWE. These events, scripted like the propaganda from Hollywood do nothing but take time away from you, your family and having REAL life experiences. Don’t let these monsters steal your precious time and hard earned money. Now I didn’t come here to cause problems. I just trying to help and educate.

        Even if you are skeptical about the information I’m trying to share just ask yourself. How did the Chicago Cubs win the 112th World Series on 11/2 after Jake Arrieta of the Cubs threw the 2016 MLB seasons first no-hitter on the 112th day of the year? Last year a leap year, making April 21 the 112th day. This is the day singer Prince died, Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday.

        You see it’s all connected. Patriots come from behind win. Cubs down 3 games to 1 come back and win. The Cavaliers in the NBA Finals also came back 3 games to 1 to win game 7 on the real King James’ birthday, June 19th. Lebron is nicknamed “King James”.

        Trump=88. Tax Plan=88. Donald Trump released his tax plan on 8/8, August 8th. Did you know Donald Trump was born the night of a total lunar eclipse, June 14, 1946? What are the chances are that he is the president while the coast to coast Great American Eclipse is happening on August 21? This is a total solar eclipse. This last occurred over 99 years ago. C’mon man this is a once in a lifetime event. I’m not making any of this up. It’s all 100% fact checkable stuff. You just have to use the internet for what it was intended for. Education and the spreading of the knowledge. Not cat videos, gossip, and fantasy sports.

      • If you’re going to fix games, why go to the trouble of dropping obscure hints?

  3. dawgtrainer said

    Guess your not familiar with sports betting huh?

    • Apparently not. If I’m understanding you – obscure, numerical signals get sent out to those in the know who then place a big bet.

      • dawgtrainer said

        Not exactly obscure the Queen of England’s birthday is the same day Prince died and on this day, the 112th, a Cub throws the first no-hitter on the way to the 112th World Series playing game seven on 11/2. Not sure if you know who Prince is but his last concert was in Atlanta, the losing team in the Super Bowl. That’s probably just an obscure observation. But hey, this blog is “The world according to Keitho”. I’m just trying to clue you in to the fact the games are rigged. Enjoy the game Keith and don’t forget to buy their merchandise too.

      • Can I play? Sean Spicer erroneously referred to Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau as ‘Joe’ Trudeau. There are 6 letters in Justin and 3 letters in Joe. 6-3 = 3. Babe Ruth wore #3. Ergo the Yankees will win their 28th World Series this year.

        [mic drop]

      • dawgtrainer said

        I see my obscure 9/11 numbers are still “awaiting moderation”. Two words for that. Cognitive Dissonance. You want a World Series prediction without one game being played? Toronto Blue Jay vs New York Mets. A Game 7 in New York. In ordinal gematria “New York=111”. A=1, B=2….Y=25,Z=26. The alphabetic order. Game 7 is played on 11/1 this year.

        The Mets play in Queens and Toronto is nicknamed “Queen City”. This year Game 7 of the World Series is to be played on 11/1. The Queen’s birthday is on the 111th day of the year this because it isn’t a leap year. Unlike last year being a leap year and her birthday was on the 112th day of the year with the 112th World Series to be played on 11/2. Before last year the 111th World Series aka 2015, the Kansas City ROYALS won it on 11/1 in New York against the Mets.

        New York Metropolitans=117. Toronto=117. Game seven in New York=117. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau=117 (Septenary Gematria). The All-Star game is played on 11/7. July 11th. It’s the 117th season of the MLB in the modern era in case you didn’t know.

        Sean Spicer calling the PM “Joe” is a tribute to the fact Joe Carter’s birthday is 2 weeks and 2 days from the comment. Joe Carter with a 2-2 count hit the walk off championship winning home run for the Toronto Blue Jays in the ’93 World Series. Google it.

        Drake the rapper is from Toronto. Drake has 3 Grammys. A World Series win this year for Toronto would give them 3. Drake’s birthday is OCT 24. The World Series starts on OCT 24 this year. The Blue Jays won the 1992 World Series on OCT 24. The Blue Jay won the World Series again in ’93 on OCT 23. Making for “Back to Back” World Series wins. Drake sings the song “Back to Back”.

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