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A Small Victory

Posted by keithosaunders on March 25, 2017

Trump Care, or to be more apt, Death Care, was withdrawn by a House that didn’t have enough Republican votes to get it through to the Senate.  I can’t seem to wrap my head around the reason for its failure.  Was it because of moderate Republicans who would have to face a constituency that would find itself either uninsured or paying up the wazoola for health care?  Or was it because of hard-line, conservative Republicans who thought that the bill was too generous and will not be happy until there are bread lines.

Either way…phew!

It’s hard to believe that the Trump administration thought that they could ram this bill through Congress in a month’s time and move on to gutting the infrastructure of the country via a budget bill.  Talk about hubris.

Image result for ryan and health care meme

2 Responses to “A Small Victory”

  1. Tax credits are not the answer , in terms of addressing the issue and the sooner Trump and his bloviate minions realize the fact Then they will know that they have to come up with something amenable for all. It’s not rocket science , but somehow the bumbling idiots within the party and this administration being so damn well complacent , have simply shown themselves to be absolute morons , with know real understanding of what’s needed.

  2. Donald Trump might well be the most overbearing and least intelligent President the country has ever seen . Yet this is the guy who’d really like to f%#k his daughter. God bless America . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!!!


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