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The bullpens are out of control

Posted by keithosaunders on April 19, 2017

Baseball these days is almost unwatchable.  Without a device that can skip through commercials you’re watching drama on a par with paint drying.  The only time I can watch a game in real time is when I have it on in the background while I’m practicing,  or when I’m eating.  Thanks to a revolving door of relief pitchers from the 6th inning on, the game has slowed to a crawl.  Throw in a few booth reviews and the snail-like pace of most pitchers and hitters and you’ve got yourself a cheap sedative.

What is it with these corporate push-button managers?  They’ve got bullpens, often eight deep, stacked with loutish buffoons, each one throwing in the high 90s.  Yet these pampered gorillas are seemingly incapable of throwing more than one inning at a time.

Then you’ve got the delicate genius managers in the mold of Tony La Russa, such as Cubs manager, Joe Maddon, and Cardinals skipper, Mike Matheny, who mix and match righties and lefties until you want to throw a shoe at the screen.  God forbid these guys ever get into a marathon 20 inning game, they’ll have to forfeit when they run out of players.


Delicate genius

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5 Responses to “The bullpens are out of control”

  1. La Russa is widely credited for “inventing” the one inning closer; perhaps the most over-rated position in sports.

  2. verdun2 said

    I have (had maybe?) hopes that Francona’s use of the bullpen with the Indians last season might change this idea. So far I seem to be wrong. Maybe Cleveland has to win one before anyone else takes up the idea. The pace of the game is glacial after about the firth inning.
    And to be frank, if you can only pitch one inning and then only to left (right) handed hitters? What does that say about the quality of that pitcher? Yutz.

    • Ironically minutes after posting this I received a voice mail from my buddy in the Bronx telling me that the Yankees played a 2 hour and ten minute game last night. It’s remarkable that this can still happen in this day and age. This, of course, was balanced by the Mets 3 hour, 50 minute 10 inning game.

  3. To be fair, if I went to a game and it only lasted 2 hours and ten minutes I would be a bit disappointed.

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