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The Tinder follies

Posted by keithosaunders on May 1, 2017

Yes, I admit it.  I’m a man in his 50s who is on Tinder. WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!   I’ve actually been on a couple of Tinder dates, and while they haven’t yet led to a relationship, they were good experiences.

I’ve noticed a similarity in many of the profiles that I view.  In regards to photos, people seem to check off certain boxes.  For instance, I am surprised at how many photos I see of women scuba diving.  Really?  Is scuba diving a thing?  I’m thinking that it must signify wealth and health.  I’m sure it’s not cheap, and you must have to be in some kind of shape to deal with it.

So you have the scuba photos, and these are almost always accompanied by photos in ski gear, as well as beach photos.  Throw in a photo with your pet, and one of you standing in front of some corporate logo at a swanky affair and you’ve got yourself a Tinder profile.

Needless to say I’m not into scuba and skiing and the photos of me sitting behind a piano do not seem to be capturing the imagination of a nation, so I gave a friend who is good with photoshop, an assignment.  Here is his first effort.  I expect that my social calendar will soon be filled to the brim.


scuba keith

14 Responses to “The Tinder follies”

  1. Hahaha! I hear ya! As a woman of 50, I found OkCupid way more satisfying, have you tried that?

  2. verdun2 said

    Well, if I were a girl, I’d be interested (I think)

  3. I initially wrote something but there was an error. I think it’s pretty obnoxious when people have their whole trip to Africa when they rode and elephant and swam with dolphins. No one cares you have that kind of money and you’re that cool. Be more down to earth and stop being full of yourself.

  4. It’s true. I feel like with profiles like that you feel like you’ll never have awesome stories to tell if you guys ever meet. Plus, I feel like that’s just a sign they have insecurity issues. No thanks.

  5. stcykaryn said

    Hahaha, amazing! And I do have to second what bone&silver said – OkCupid is definitely the way to go in your 50s. 🙂

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