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Pitching Madness in the World Series

Posted by keithosaunders on October 28, 2017

The way managers have been handling pitchers in the post season is beyond insane. It’s a mixture of by the book, automaton managing, and desperate gambles of 6 out saves from pitchers who have never done it before.

So far A.J. Hinch is thoroughly out managing Dave Roberts. Yesterday he played it old school allowing pitcher, Brad Peacock, to gut out a 3 & 2/3 inning save. Why not stay with the hot pitcher? The rest of his bullpen has been shaky at best. Go for the jugular while you can.

How much does Dave Roberts wish he had stayed with Rich Hill for a couple of extra innings on Wednesday night? True, his bullpen had been great, but even the best have bad outings as witnessed by Kenley Jansen’s last performance. You’re doing the other team a favor when you take out a pitcher that the opposing team is not hitting. The Astros should send Roberts a Christmas present.

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2 Responses to “Pitching Madness in the World Series”

  1. zapple100 said

    I can’t understand baseball now. Guy is pitching great, 100 pitches and they take him out. You don’t need good starting pitching now. Just get somebody that will give you 4 innings then bring in the entire bullpen.

    • It’s insane. The Astros are in the Series because they manned up in game 7 and went with Morton for 5 and McCullers for 4. Ditto for last night’s move of trusting Peacock for 3.2. Plus, what happens to these pitcher-changing managers when they find themselves in a long extra inning game? That would be disastrous for the Dodgers tonight.

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