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It’s National Gorilla Suit Day!

Posted by keithosaunders on January 31, 2019

National Gorilla suit day was created by Mad magazine artist, Don Martin. [Per wikipedia] In 1963,  Martin published National Gorilla Suit Day in a collection Don Martin Bounces Back, in which Fester Bestertester mocks the (then fictitious) concept of a National Gorilla Suit Day, and suffers a series of incredible assaults from gorillas and other creatures in gorilla and other suits.  It is always celebrated on January 31st.

John Tendy, who is a friend of mine, and a great tenor saxophonist from New York, along with his friend, recording engineer, Danny DiPaula, create an annual Gorilla Suit Day special which they post to youtube.  These are two of the funniest people I know and I am proud to present to you this year’s offering, which, if I do say so myself, is up to their usual top-notch standards.



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The sound of exposed brick

Posted by keithosaunders on January 18, 2019

Has anyone noticed how awful music sounds in almost every restaurant and club?  Club owners and restaurateurs love their cavernous, barn-like structures with hard surface floors, exposed brick, and floor to ceiling windows.  Well let me tell you something, exposed brick may be hip and charming, but the effect it has on music is horrible beyond belief.

But forget about music, conversation sounds awful in these hell holes.  You get some liquored up tech-bros trying to one up each other with their knowledge of mixed drinks, and their clothespin-voiced girlfriends who speak in a range that would make Maynard Ferguson jealous, and you may as well be in the Super Dome on Super Bowl Sunday.

Would it kill the establishment to throw down a couple of rugs and hang some drapes?  What do they have against musicians and pukeys being able to coexist?


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