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Posted by keithosaunders on April 19, 2019

What a dream I just awoke from — one that figures to stay with me from years to come.  I’m still shaking!

I dreamed that I was on a break at a gig and I was going through the buffet line.  I hadn’t eaten all day and I was more than ready to chow down.  I loaded up my plate to the brim with potato salad, rice, beans, and the most delicious short ribs I had ever seen.  The meat was glistening like Annette Funicello’s skin in Beach Blanket Bikini.

As I was walking to my seat, disaster struck.  I tripped, sending the entire contents of my plate onto the floor.  I was practically in tears but the bass player, who had been ahead of me in the line, said, “Get some more, get some more!”

I returned to the buffet only to find the cook putting the covers on the now empty steam tables.  All I was able to glean was a half order of (bottom of the pan) crusty rice and beans.

Needless to say I awoke in mid-scream in a cold sweat.  I hope this is not an omen.

Image result for bottom of the pan rice

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