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Your Oscar recap

Posted by keithosaunders on March 8, 2010

In this wasteland of sports between the Super Bowl and the opening day of baseball, we must thank the Academy for choosing March to air their big night. That being said what we got was a big bowl of bland.

I was happy to see the Hurt Locker win most of the big awards, and it was good to see Jeff Bridges setting the record for the most ‘mans’ uttered during an acceptance speech.

Where was the wattage? I missed Jack Nicholson leering from the front row, or drunken Dustin Hoffman drooling on a scantily clad Sharon Stone. There were no streakers, no politics, and, sadly, no wardrobe malfunctions. Hell, I would have settled for a Sally Fields weird and wacky speech. Sandra Bullock’s speech was eccentric, but in a joyless way.

Here is the unkindest cut of all. I was listening to a radio interview with the producer of the Oscars who revealed that he had wanted to book Sasha Baron Cohen as the host. The network refused thinking he would be too controversial and would have upstaged the stars. This is a sad commentary on our standards, but consistent with a country that finds Jay Leno funny.

Just get me through these next four weeks…


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My Bea Arthur Encounter

Posted by keithosaunders on February 18, 2010

Bea Arthur, the actress who portrayed Maude in the 70s, died in April of last year.  I always liked this brash, bold comedienne.  Here is a recounting of meeting her.

25 years ago, when I still lived in L.A., I had a solo gig at a trendy restaurant in the Palisades.  One night Bea Arthur came in with her husband and some friends. On the way out she was smashed, and as she passed the piano she commanded, in her best Maude voice, “Play Lady is a Tramp!” I obeyed and she proceeded, in the middle of this staid, understated restaurant, to belt out “Tramp.”  Her husband was doing his best to get her to leave. “Cmon honey, let’s go…” And she shouted back to him, “Don’t worry, honey, I’ll fuck ya later!”

 Shortly after Bea’s passing I read an article about the seminal two-part episode of Maude where she has an abortion. I actually remember watching this as a kid.  I’m not sure how it registered for me back then, but can you imagine there being a sitcom today dealing with this issue?  Furthermore, this episode aired a few months before Roe v Wade was enacted!

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