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Taping’s finest hour

Posted by keithosaunders on April 21, 2011

 This is a great time of year for sports — the baseball season is in full swing and the NBA and NHL playoffs have begun.  The overlap can be overwhelming, but thanks to the miracle of the DVR, taping multiple ongoing events is a reality, making it possible for the sports fan to live the dream.  Of course, even with modern technology all it takes is for one caveman to spoil your evening by divulging the score of a taped event.  There are numerous other pitfalls to avoid as well.  Here then is a recounting of one of my most successful taping days:  This past Sunday, the 17th, in the year of our sports god 2011.

I had a gig, but wanted to see game two of Rangers/Captitals, and Knicks/Celtics, as well as catch the end of Rockies/Cubs.  As long as I was already taping the Knicks, I figured I may as well set the DVR to record the second half of the NBA doubleheader, Nuggets/Thunder.  The baseball Giants were playing, but I knew they would be on the TV at the bar I was gigging at, so I opted not to record their game.

When I started the car, I turned on the Giants game on the radio to hear the 9th inning — they were leading the Diamondbaks 5-4 at the time.  The first thing out of Jon Miller’s mouth was,  “It’s over in Colorado….”   Quick as a cat, I whipped my hand to the radio and turned off the volume, avoiding hearing the score.  I then (carefully) changed the station. 
As predicted, the Giants game was being shown on the TV at the bar.  It was an extra inning game and I was thinking, “good, let it go 20 innings and they’ll never change it to the Knicks)  BUT…by the first break the game had ended and the Knicks was on one TV, and Sportscenter was on the other.  Fortunately I live in a town where people don’t give a rats ass about any teams other than the locals, so I was in little danger of anyone commenting on the games.  What’s more, this fellow ex-New Yorker sax player came in.  He had also taped the Knicks and he warned me not to tell him anything.  Me, spoil a taped event?!  Did he realize who he was talking to?
At one point I accidentally looked at the TV showing Sportscenter  and of course the Rockies/Cubs highlights were on, but miraculously I didn’t see the score.
The rest of the night passed without incident and I arrived home to savor my spoils.  I stayed up late watching everything except for the second half of the Denver game, but I finished watching it the following day at lunch without knowing the ending. 

And that’s how you record multiple events.

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Where are the good announcers of the NBA?

Posted by keithosaunders on December 26, 2010

I was watching a little of the Magic/Celtics game this afternoon on ABC and Hubie Brown was doing the color commentary.  When I moved to New York back in 1984 he was the coach of the Knicks.  His first two years he coached them into the playoffs but the next two, which led to his firing, were awful 24 and 23 win seasons.  These were the Knicks of Rory Sparrow, Michael Ray Richardson, and Trent Tucker.  I remember going to the Garden,sitting in the upper deck, and being able to hear Brown yelling at his players, exhorting them at the top of his lungs to pick and roll, foul, and play defense. 

Maybe he was a good coach but he is a terrible announcer.  Simply put he doesn’t shut up.  He fills every single second of dead air with his nasally, raspy, drone of a voice.  There is no such concept as ‘letting the game breathe’ when Brown is behind the mic.  He has a didactic way of intoning, as if he’s talking down to us. 

Outside of Marv Albert I cannot think of one good basketball announcer.  I used to love Walt Frazier who does color commentary for the Knicks.  There must be some other good local announcers that I am unaware of, but nationally they are either grating, like Brown, or generically bland. 

In baseball and football I can name several announcers that I enjoy listening to.  I am not a big hockey fan but I have watched enough games to know that they have a much higher caliber announcer than basketball does. 

So I ask you:  Who are they, and where are they?


Hubie Brown

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The NBA has some juice!

Posted by keithosaunders on December 19, 2010

This post’s subject contains words I thought I would never say, at least in this order.  For the first time in several years I am excited about the NBA —   regular season NBA!  In the past it would sometimes take me until the second round of the playoffs for me to become interested.  I’ve long thought of the NBA as something to watch after that Early May Mets/Brewers game.  For that reason I have watched a lot of the Western Conference playoffs.  The eastern playoffs were usually not as compelling, consisting of power forwards from Detroit and Boston banging and smashing each other into the double bonus. 

This year there is a lot to be excited about, and since I find myself in a new city bereft of steady gigs I have more time than ever to devote to ESPN, TNT, or whatever network happens to be showing a game.  (there are quite a few of them)  For starters, the Knicks got good again.  Well, they’re better.  They recently rattled off a startling 12 of 13 wins sending me into a frenzy of whining.  [“Why did I have to move this year?!”]  I was all excited that this week’s games–  ESPN was broadcasted Knicks home games versus the Celtics and the Heat on Wednesday and Friday respectively.  The Celtics game, which was decided on a Paul Pierce 13 footer with .04 seconds remaining, was tremendous, but two days the later the Knicks would be destroyed by the star-laden Heat.  For the moment they have been exposed as a sharp-shooting team that plays little defense.  But damn, they are fun to watch, and are at last relevant.  They should make the playoffs and are a team on the rise.

The kid on the Clippers, Blake Griffin, is a lot of fun to watch and should be a force for years to come.  If only the Clippers could ever have two or three good drafts in a row; they are the most hapless of organizations.  It would be great for the league to have both them and the Lakers good at the same time.  Do you remember, about 15 years ago, when the Clippers had all of these overweight players and were known as “The Phat Farm?”  Good times…

Blake Griffin

Oklahoma, with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook is a good young team that should be a force for years to come.  They’re probably not ready to challenge the Spurs or Lakers quite yet but they’re close.

The Spurs are amazing.  Manu Ginobili, at 35, is having his best season, and Tim Duncan, although he is not quite the player he once was, is still plenty good.  Throw in Tony Parker and Reggie Jefferson, and a great supporting cast and you have the team with the best record in the NBA.  I never liked the Spurs that much but that’s probably more to do with the fact that I’m an idiot than anything else.  They have been an unselfish team that has maintained a standard of excellence over the decades that few teams can rival.  Since they drafted David Robinson, over 20 years ago, there haven’t been many down seasons for this organization. 

The Celtics are another team that refuses to get old.  I have to give it up to Kevin Garnett, who is having a bounce-back season, as well as Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.  Rajon Rondo, if he stays healthy, is one of the best point guards in the league. 

Then there is the Orlando Magic, who with todays trades with Phoenix and Washington, may have catapulted themselves, at the very least, into the conference finals.  They traded Rashard Lewis to Washington for Gilbert Arenas and acquired Jason Richardson and Hedo Turkoglu from the Phoenix Suns for Vince Carter.  Arenas, who was already having a comeback year with the Wizards, should be rejuvenated now that he is playing on a contending team.  Throw in Dwight Howard who is one of the most exciting players in the game, and away you go!

All of these watchable teams bodes extremely well for me in the upcoming dark period between the Super Bowl and opening day of baseball.  I’ve always dreaded this six-week trudge through the NBA and NHL midseason.  This year is different.  Bring it on!

Gilbert Arenas

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