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Comeback format of the year? Vinyl!

Posted by keithosaunders on July 7, 2010

Readers of this blog know that in August I am moving to the Bay Area.  I am currently undergoing the painful process of possession triage.  Some people enjoy the cleansing of old clutter, but I am a pack-rat at heart.  It was all I could do to throw away my major league baseball standings board.  You know, the one with the magnet logos of all of the teams.  I haven’t actually used it in over 10 years but that’s besides the point.

This weekend my wife asked me what I was going to do with my record collection.  This question loosely translates to “I wish you would get rid of them.”  Just because I haven’t actually owned a turntable in 15 years doesn’t mean I will never listen to my albums again.

My period of musical awakening came in the early 70s.  Like most of my generation, I have a very strong memory of listening to albums while growing up.  Some were played so often that there were as many as three indented rings in the cardboard cover.   

It took me a while to make the change over to CDs.  Let’s face it, though they were easier to store, they never really replaced albums.  They were so small that we hardly bothered to read the liner notes.  I stopped knowing the name of songs — in fact most of my jewel boxes ended up cracked or lost. 

 For the past eight years my records have been stored under a table in our upstate house.  This weekend, as I was looking through them, I realized that I could not throw them away.  If I sold them to a collector I could probably make 100 dollars.  It would cost 5 times as much to replace them, and the fact is that many of them, being out of print, are irreplaceable. 

The solution?  I’m leaving my CDs behind.  Once we are settled it will be my project to find a turntable and receiver so that I can rediscover my old records.  Thanks to the ipod I rarely listen to CDs.  Ironically they are much more expendable than my records since I can always download anything that I am missing.  In this respect it is fitting that I am moving back to California.  It is the birthplace of my record collection.  Time for their rebirth!

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