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Sayonara to interleague

Posted by keithosaunders on July 2, 2011

The exhibition season is almost over, and by that I mean interleague play.  Just two more days and we can get back to real baseball.  Unfortunately for the Mets they scored an entire week’s worth of runs in two games played earlier this week against the Tigers; 14 on Tuesday, and 16 on Wednesday.  Since then they have gone cold, just in time for the bi-annual subway series. 

What a crock of shit interleague play is.  Nobody, save for a handful of New Yorkers and Chicagoans gives a rats ass about these games.  I don’t even think the Bay Bridge series is that big of a deal, although I have yet to garner first hand proof as I managed to be out-of-town for both of their meetings this year.

Really, though, who cares about Milwaukee vs Seattle, or Pittsburgh, vs Kansas City?  Sure, you can have some fun with some rematches of past World Series, but is this worth disrupting the flow of the regular season?

Me, I’d rather see the Mets play more games against the Cardinals and Dodgers than have to suffer through the interleague portion of the season.  Intra-league matchups, even those out of the division, can be worth a game in the standings when you take into account the wild card race.  Interleague games are worth a 1/2 game at best. 

So let’s put this asinine section of the schedule behind us.  Time for the meat and potatoes of the season!


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