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Night at the Museum

Posted by keithosaunders on December 6, 2015

A great musician, Phil Woods, once said, “They don’t pay us to play, they pay us to show up.” He’s right.  The easiest part of what we do is to play the gig.  Often times, as in tonight, the most difficult part is to show up.

Tonight’s gig was at an affair at a museum in downtown San Francisco.  Getting into town over the Bay Bridge from the East Bay where I live is never easy, particularly on a Saturday late afternoon, but throw in holiday traffic and you’ve got a recipe for aggravation.

I always say give me a gig with parking and a piano and I’m a happy camper.  Tonight I had neither, which meant loading my keyboard and amp into the car, driving to an inconvenient loading dock, unloading, and to top it off, a 30 minute trip driving around the block to a parking lot in bumper to bumper traffic.  There was even traffic inside of the parking lot where I slogged my way up 7 stories to the last available spot on the roof.

I walked back to the gig only to discover that I had to walk around to the back of the museum to check in with security.  I ended up in line behind a group of caterers which led to a 15 minute wait while the attendant methodically copied down info from everyone’s drivers license.  Finally I was allowed into the building where I set up and waited an hour before the start of the gig.

After that, however, everything went smoothly.  The client was extremely nice offering us drinks and food, and the musicians were good.  All in all it was a tiring day, but not a bad one. All the same, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s gig – also in San Fran –  which is walking distance from a BART station and contains an upright piano.

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