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Posted by keithosaunders on April 13, 2011

The baseball season is two weeks old and I’m pondering the ethics involved in editing my season-predicting posts.  There are some happy surprises, however.  Here are a few of them:

Baltimore is 6-3 and sits atop the AL East.  How many chances have we had to say this in the last two decades?  They must be doing it with Geritol, what with newly acquired Vladdy Guerrero, and Derrek Lee.  But what the heck, they have Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, and Mark Reynolds.  There is some pop on this team.  

Texas is on fire at 9-2!  The Rangers are 3rd in runs scored and 1st in slugging.  They received a piece of bad news today, however, learning that they have lost Josh Hamilton for 6-8 weeks.  Good thing he’s not a Met — that would have insured a season-ending injury. 

Cleveland is leading the AL Central with a 6-3 record.  Can they keep up this pace?  No!

On the disappointing side of the ledger we have Tampa and Boston, who are playing .273 and .182 ball respectively.  What the fuck?  Could the red sea part any wider for the Yankees?!  I know it’s early, and for that reason I’ll limit my rant to one more sentence.  If this holds up, at least we’ll get the wild card from a division other than the AL East. 

Or will it be Toronto?  Stay tuned…

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