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The treason summit

Posted by keithosaunders on July 23, 2018

Happy one week anniversary of the treason summit.  Due to the cascade of Donald Trump’s tweets and the media’s short attention span, the abomination that was Trump/Putin press conference is out of sight and out of mind.

As much as we’d like to pin it on him, this mess is not Trump’s fault.  He’s doing the best he can with a very limited amount of intelligence and acumen.  If he was a musician we would say that he is working with a damaged instrument.  That’s not exactly true.  It would be more akin to a first year piano student playing on an old out of tune upright with 20 broken strings.

The Republicans in Congress are the ones to blame.  If they had an ounce of integrity we would be deep into impeachment hearings and a Pence administration would be imminent.  (not that a Pence administration would be a day at the beach)  Instead we have a few squeaky wheels who are not running for reelection, i.e. John McCain and Bob Corker, and a trove of servile,  quiescent lackeys.  These scoundrels are content to stack the courts with conservative judges, gut affordable health care, see that the American populous is armed, and rape the ecology.

The fix is in and has been for many years.  Welcome to the endgame.


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Sayonara Scalia

Posted by keithosaunders on February 18, 2016

And just like that the Supreme Court has a chance to become a moral, humane body.  The Republicans will do their best to obstruct but they are a beaten party, their power waning faster than Nazgul’s after the ring was thrown into Mt Doom.

There is precedent to stall a Supreme Court appointment. In 1969 it took a Democratic Congress 391 days to appoint Harry Blackmun after Abe Fortas retired.  Bring it on, I say, because the next president will be a Democrat.  Wait a minute, what’s that I see in the distance?   Why it’s the clown car pulling up to the TV studio, and out pour the Republican candidates for president!

Scalia was proof that intelligence and education do not equate to morality.  He was a virulent racist and homophobe who wrote that African Americans belonged at ‘slower track,’less advanced  Universities.

He, like his fellow right wing Justices was an abomination.  He promoted states rights, which is thinly veiled code for white’s rights, and he was anti abortion, gay rights, and gun control.  He was a strict constitutionalist until it meant going against the document, which he did in Bush v Gore.   He, along with the four other right wing justices, voted in favor of allowing Florida Secretary of State, Katherine Harris’s previous certification of George Bush as the winner of the primary to stand, thus giving him the presidency.  This would lead to the deaths of thousand of Iraqis, as well as the severe erosion of civil rights, continued degradation of financial regulations, and ultimately the great financial collapse of 2007.

There are people in power of great intelligence who are amoral and inherently evil.  Scalia was one of these people and it is of utmost importance to this country that we replace him with someone with courage and moral integrity.  Appointing Justices is the most important thing a president does.  A vote for oompa-loompa Trump or batshit-crazy Ted Cruz is a vote for the further erosion of civil rights.


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Do you feel lucky today?

Posted by keithosaunders on January 15, 2011

Gun owners can rest easy.  Those of us who are in favor of legislation to prohibit automatic weapons, or to limit the size of the clip one can purchase, are a fringe group.  We are destined to stand on the sidelines so that the majority of Americans can be free to protect their families.

The state of the gun union is strong.  Since last Saturday’s murders in Tucson sales of guns in Arizona are up 60 percent.  Why wouldn’t people want such an effective implement of protection? After all, since last Saturday’s tragedy there have been over 300 gun fatalities in the U.S.  Probably a few more have died in the time it has taken to write this post.  With protection like that who needs police?

In Friday’s NY Times there was a man-on-the-street article that interviewed gun proponents.  Here is an excerpt:

I carry a gun because it is a personal preference and for my own personal safety,” said Representative Jason Chaffetz, Republican of Utah, one of several lawmakers who carry a concealed weapon in their districts. (His is a Glock 23.) “It’s not for everybody. Not everyone should rush out because of what happened last week and start carrying, but I like it, and I do it.” Representative Gabrielle Giffords once said that she herself owned a Glock — the same firearm the man accused of shooting her is said to have used.

I’m just your standard boiler plate pinko liberal, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how having a gun would have averted the tragedy in Tucson.  The second Loughner began shooting there wasn’t a thing those people could have done.  The only way a gun works in your favor is if you shoot first! 

Here’s another citizen.

Erich Pratt, the director of communications for Gun Owners of America, said his organization and others were girding for at least a skirmish in Congress. “But I think after the November election it’s going to be very tough for Carolyn McCarthy and even the Peter Kings,” he said “Why should the government be in the business of telling us how we can defend ourselves?”   Mr. Pratt added: “These politicians need to remember that these rights aren’t given to us by them. They come from God. They are God-given rights. They can’t be infringed or limited in any way. What are they going to do: limit it two or three rounds. Having lots of ammunition is critical, especially if the police are not around and you need to be able to defend yourself against mobs.”

Is this man fucking insane?  God gave us the right?!  I’m a little unclear on who governs the country:  Is it God or the constitution?  Pratt feels that the most effective way to protect himself is to have the potential to murder dozens of people in less than thirty seconds.  Safety first!

Finally let’s here from David Workman:

Dave Workman, senior editor of Gun Week, a publication of the Second Amendment Foundation, said the gun control lobby was trying to exploit the shootings. “The average gun owner,” he said, “is saying: ‘I didn’t fire any shots in Tucson. I just want to go hunting, or protect my family, and this is just going to create more paperwork and more headaches for me.’ ”


I don’t know if it is possible to quantify the number of times a gun works as protection but it would be dwarfed by the amount of deaths by accidental shooting.  I wonder if the Colt AR6920 had been around in the 18th century if the 2nd amendment would have been worded differently.



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Will we ever learn?

Posted by keithosaunders on January 11, 2011

Every so often we are reminded of what a violent society we live in and how little hope there is of it changing.  The six fatalities and the near-fatal shooting of Arizona Representative, Gabrielle Giffords by a lone gunmen is an all too familiar tragedy in a country that refuses to implement effective gun control. 

Yesterday I heard an interview with one of Gifford’s fellow Arizona Congressman.  When asked what could be done to avoid such an incident he feebly replied that “Americans have to find a way to be more civil with each other.” 

Really?  Is that the best you’ve got? 

The interviewer pressed on asking the Congressman to elucidate, but he did little more than rephrase his original answer.  Gun control was obviously not even close to entering the equation. 

Thanks to an antiquated amendment which had more to do with protecting American Revolutionary’s from British soldiers than an inalienable right to buy an automatic weapon, we have a populace that has easy access to guns that can fire thirty-three bullets at a clip. 

I’m all for allowing people to own rifles and to hunt animals for sport.  I can’t understand the need to have a weapon that’s purpose is to kill people.  Why must we repeat this same tragedy time and again? 

Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey  said he would introduce a measure to re-establish a prohibition that lapsed in 2004 on clips that feed more than 10 rounds at a time.  He said, “The only reason to have 33 bullets loaded in a handgun is to kill a lot of people very quickly. These high-capacity clips simply should not be on the market.”

Gun control advocates are going to tell me that people who really want guns will get them.  Fine.  You can’t tell me, however, that effective gun control would not save any lives.  Even if it were only to save one or two lives a year it’s worth it.  Who cares if the gun companies make less money?  That’s what this boils down to, doesn’t it.

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