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On crabs, national and international

Posted by keithosaunders on July 28, 2011

My time in New York City is finally nearing its close.  I’ll be here for another nine days before hitting the road for my second west-bound cross-country trip in as many years. 

Amazingly enough I still have three gigs to play here — two on the Island, and one in Rye, which is in northern Westchester.  All in all I will have ended up playing double-digit gigs during my seven plus weeks here — not bad for a non-resident.

It’s been interesting experiencing New York for an extended period of time from an outsider’s point of view.  On the one hand, I still know it like the back of my hand, but on the other hand I see it through new eyes. 

I’ve certainly become familiar with all of the subway lines up to the Bronx.  Reading and listening material are key for the late night trip uptown, which often lasts well over an hour, between all of the stops and the wait time.  I use the reading material for the trip down, when I’m still sober.  The ipod gets me through the return trip. 

By far the greatest thing about New York is the people who live here.  They are smart, funny, and very much open.  I can’t tell you how many spontaneous conversations I’ve had since being here.  Whether it be on the subway, at a lecture in Bryant park, or at the local sports bar, people here are happy to shmooze.  This is a schoomzing kind of a town! 

Paris is a great city — probably my second favorite city in the world behind New York — but the Parisians won’t give you the time of day.  Sure, part of it is the language barrier, and the fact that they hate Americans, but I would wager two tickets to the Jerry Lewis retrospective of your choice that they do not behave  that differently towards their French compatriots.  

New Yorkers can be crabby, but their surliness is often accompanied by a healthy dose of humor.  Parisians are just plain crabby, end of story. 

Now how about those Mets?!


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