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Tales from bizarro world.

Posted by keithosaunders on April 13, 2011

The baseball season is two weeks old and I’m pondering the ethics involved in editing my season-predicting posts.  There are some happy surprises, however.  Here are a few of them:

Baltimore is 6-3 and sits atop the AL East.  How many chances have we had to say this in the last two decades?  They must be doing it with Geritol, what with newly acquired Vladdy Guerrero, and Derrek Lee.  But what the heck, they have Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, and Mark Reynolds.  There is some pop on this team.  

Texas is on fire at 9-2!  The Rangers are 3rd in runs scored and 1st in slugging.  They received a piece of bad news today, however, learning that they have lost Josh Hamilton for 6-8 weeks.  Good thing he’s not a Met — that would have insured a season-ending injury. 

Cleveland is leading the AL Central with a 6-3 record.  Can they keep up this pace?  No!

On the disappointing side of the ledger we have Tampa and Boston, who are playing .273 and .182 ball respectively.  What the fuck?  Could the red sea part any wider for the Yankees?!  I know it’s early, and for that reason I’ll limit my rant to one more sentence.  If this holds up, at least we’ll get the wild card from a division other than the AL East. 

Or will it be Toronto?  Stay tuned…

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Texas vs San Francisco

Posted by keithosaunders on October 24, 2010

Everyone once in a while the good guys win and you remember why you like to watch sports.  There can’t be a more compelling matchup then these two talented and extremely likeable teams.  Sure, Yankees vs Giants would have been classic, and hopefully FOX would have seen it in their hearts to air some old footage, but the Yankees pitching this year was a cut below.  Perhaps they really are aging, but I’m sure they’ll retool and be back for next season.

The Phillies fans are miserable and do not deserve a winning team.  Pat Burrell was being interviewed and all of a sudden an audible boo could be heard from the remaining Phillies fans — they were booing the Giants who were exiting the field to celebrate in the clubhouse.  Burrell was aactually taken aback and said “I don’t know what they’re reacting to…”  As much as I hate the Yankees, their fans would never have done something so bush league after a defeat.

How can you not like these teams?  Texas is young, aggressive and plays with fire.  They take the extra base, pitch their asses off, and have plenty of pop between Hamilton, Cruz, and Vlady.  The Giants are more offensively challenged, but every game a different player seems to deliver the clutch hit.  Whether it’s Cody Ross, Juan Uribe, Burrell, or somebody else, there’s always somebody who steps up.  You can’t help but feel happy for Aubrey Huff, who seems like  a great guy, and will be going to his first Series.  With Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum dueling in game 1 we have an incredible matchup to look forward to.  

Texas has never won a Worlds Series in their 39 year history; 49 if you include their stint as the Washington Senators.  The Giants have won five Series, all in New York, the most recent being in 1954.  One way or another this year’s winner will hail from a city that has never had a championship.  As of now the Mariners, Nationals, Astros, Padres, Brewers, Rockies, Rays, and Rangers have never a title.  The Mariners and the Nationals are the only two teams never to have competed in a World Series.

For me, the good news is that both of the teams I rooted for made the Series.  The bad news is that I can no longer complain about small market teams not being able to make the Series.  Well…I’m sure I can find a way, but now is not the time.  Let’s have a beer.

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Posted by keithosaunders on October 16, 2010

Last night’s pain was exquisite — worth of the Marque de Sade.  Clive Barker could not have drawn a more perfect script.  It was as if I was Frank with the hooks in my bare flesh and the Yankees were the Cenobites awaiting the perfect moment to tear my flesh apart.  It came in the 8th inning and it did not disappoint.

I have to admit that the Rangers fooled me.  I had watched them in the ALDS and was captivated by their hustle, ability to take the extra base, and of course, Cliff Lee.  I knew they would need a great performance by C.J. Wilson in game 1 of the ALCS and until the 8th inning he was superb.

The Rangers jumped out to a 3-0 lead (before there was even one out!) on Josh Hamilton’s home run, but failed to score the fourth run when a C.C. Sabathia wild pitch took a lucky carom allowing Jorge Posada to nab Nelson Cruz at the plate.  The next inning, when Francour made out with first and thrid and one out, I said to myself,  “They’re going to lose.”  It was only a matter of when.  When my wife arrived home from work and suggested going for a late afternoon walk I uncharacteristacally agreed, eschewing the DVR.  I figured that I’d seen the best part of this game and any more excitement would aggravate me. 

We arrived home an 90 minutes later and I checked  The score was 5-1 in the bottom of the 7th and I figured it was safe to turn the TV on.  It came on just as the Rangers made their final out in the 7th inning.  It would remain on for the next 25 minutes, a span which would see five Rangers pitchers and no Yankee outs.  

It couldn’t have been more perfect.  Before the game I had been crowing about the Rangers fire and hustle.  When Brett Gardner hit a medium roller to first and Jorge Cantu made a lackluster play getting rid of the ball it was just too perfect.  Not only were the Yankees going to erase a  five run lead, but they would expose my hack analysis. 

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Nolan Ryan!

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