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Give Kareem his damn statue

Posted by keithosaunders on May 19, 2011

This morning I came across an article in the Oakland Tribune about the hall of fame center, Kareem Abdul Jabbar.  Kareem is upset because he does not have a statue in front of the Staples Center, the home arena of the Lakers and Clippers.  There are statues of Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Chick Hearn, Wayne Gretzky, and Oscar De La Hoya,  (really…Oscar De La Hoya?) but none of the seven footer from New York City, who played most of his career on the Lakers.  (he began with the Milwaukee Bucks) 

At first you may think of Kareem as just another egotistical, spoiled athlete.  I disagree.  Kareem has every right to feel slighted.  The Lakers never would have won in the ’80s without Kareem.  He has scored more points than any player in history, won six NBA championships, and six regular season MVP awards.  Oh yeah…throw in three NCAA championships while he was at UCLA.

Kareem was an unselfish player who made those around him better.  He didn’t whine when Magic came into the league and garnered most of the spotlight.  He was the consummate team player.  There was not even a hint of a Kobe/Shaq-style fued back in those days.  And can you imagine Kareem pounding his chest, or pulling out his jersey as a way of drawing attention to himself?  He was self-effacing and humble.  

Not only that, he is a jazz fan.  I once saw hin in the Westwood Tower records in the jazz section.  I discretely stood next to him and found that I came up to his waist. 

So come on, you suits at Staples.  Give the man his due.  Give him his damn statue!

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