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First movie

Posted by keithosaunders on August 23, 2010

Everyone went to sleep at 8:30 and since we do not yet have our furniture I decided to take in a movie. I was happy to find that the local movie theatre is only a couple of miles up the road. On the way I passed three bars, two greasy spoons, and a bowling alley, all of which I intend to visit. (maybe not the bowling alley, but I did notice a sports bar attached to it so…)

I think it’s key for me to find a good bar to hang out in, the ultimate goal being that the bartender know my drink and have it waiting for me by the time I reach the stool. Heh…stool.

The sports bar that i mentioned brought up a perplexing quandary.  Now that I’m on the west coast most of the games, particularly the teams I care about, begin way too early for me in the day to start drinking. You can’t begin drinking at four in the afternoon unless you are Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend, or Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas. Then you start as soon as you awake.

In New York I had my sports bar in the Village. It became my Wednesday routine to arrive at 8:30-9:00pm, just as the early games were getting into the middle innings.  That way I could see the end of the early games and the beginning of the west coast games.

Here on the west coast I can only see the late games, since showing up at 4:30 would put me in town-sot territory. Unless there’s an opening for town-sot. I could use the gig.

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