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So you want to be in show business?

Posted by keithosaunders on May 8, 2010

Last night’s gig is a good example of life in the trenches as a musician.  Every six months or so my trio plays at a restaurant on Long Island that has jazz.  The place has great acoustics, serves us a nice meal, and is generally offer a pleasant experience.  The problem is that getting there involves a 40 mile drive into the teeth of Friday rush hour traffic. 

I had a double on the Island yesterday; a lunchtime gig with a singer in the afternoon saw to it that I didn’t have to deal with the traffic.   The bass player and drummer, however,  rode together and experienced the usual Expressway slog and arrived 15 minutes before gig time.  There isn’t much parking on the street but for years we have parked in an adjacent post office lot with no problems. 

You can probably already tell where this is going, but on the first break we discovered that there was a padlocked gate on the post office lot.  The drummer’s car had been locked in!  Fortunately I had parked on the street otherwise we all would have had to sleep in our cars. 

Needless to say this put a damper on the rest of the evening.  The poor drummer had to deal with the stress of not knowing whether or not his car would still be there  the following day.  If the car was indeed towed there would almost certainly be an accompanying ticket.  It doesn’t take a math major to factor in our paltry salary versus a steep towing fine and ticket.  As usual, the jazz economics are bleak.

After the gig  — a  good one,  all things considered — I gave the bass player and drummer rides home to Manhattan and Brooklyn respectively, before returning to my apartment in Queens.  I managed to get four hours of sleep before picking the drummer up and driving back to the Long Island post office.   The good news is twofold:  First of all, and most important, we were able to retrieve the drummer’s car with no more trouble than a stern talking to from the post office manager.  Finally:  We now have conclusive evidence that it is possible to drive 40 miles into Long Island in 40 minutes.  As long as you leave at 7:30AM.  
   Now I have to drive two hours upstate.  Why did I have to go into show business?

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What’s in a photo?

Posted by keithosaunders on March 3, 2010

This photo was taken at last Sunday’s gig.  I’m posting it because it is one of the all time great photos of me.  Somehow my pattern baldness has been neutralized.  This is not due to any photo shopping chicanery, but perhaps owing to favorable lighting and/or certain rules of quantum mechanics of which I am unfamiliar.

    Note the furrowed brow, denoting intense concentration, the over-sized cranium enabling subject to retain chords to upwards of hundreds of standards while withstanding the ennui and occasional taunts from hostile audiences.   The use of a goblet shaped container to hold currency seems to be code for some kind of barter system.  Tunes for cash?  There is a photo perched atop the keyboard.  Could this be a kind of figurehead?  An unseen, yet controlling presence exerting an iron will upon a servile minion? 

Let’s examine some clues available to us from the photo.  There’s a tip jar, followed by the last three letters of the keyboard, [..and] and a glass of scotch.  Let’s see, bucks and scotch…bucks and scotch… I GOT IT!  We drink to forget the ineptitude of the Milwaukee Bucks!

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