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The Phillies, Heat, Celtics, Wall Street, and the consolidation of power.

Posted by keithosaunders on December 14, 2010

The Yankee fans won’t admit it but they are stunned and shattered by the Phillie’s drive-by signing of Cliff Lee.  They did not see this one coming.  In October, after the Texas Rangers eliminated the Yankees in the ALCS, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were rife with comments such as, “Cliff Lee will look great in pinstripes!”  It was as if the only way the fans could process the ignominy of losing to the small-market Rangers was with the comforting knowledge that they would soon usurp their best player.   They thought it was a foregone conclusion, and they thought so up until 9pm Monday night. 

Have you noticed this recent trend of super-teams?  A few years ago the Celtics somehow  finagled their way into a lineup that included Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen.   More recently we saw the Miami Heat’s twin signings of LeBron James and Chris Bosh to compliment their resident star, Dwyane Wade.   Now the Phillies will possess what is possibly the greatest pitching staff since the 1970 Baltimore Orioles and the Koufax/Drysdale Dodger teams of the mid-60s. 

In the past great players were content to have teams built around them.  Lately we see them willing to share the spotlight — to coalesce.  They eschew the individual spotlight for the greater glory that comes with championships.  Some would call it selfless. I call it greed.  They are already rich beyond their wildest fantasies — the only thing left for them is a championship ring. 

While I’m glad that Lee didn’t end up on the Yankees, I’m not enamored with him.  I have no use for the type of player who is essentially a hired gun.  That’s why I never liked David Cone or Roidger Clemens.  They would go to a team, collect their ring, and move on.  Lee could have stayed in Texas and become a real hero.  Instead he chose the easy way:  to go a team of superstars and collect his ring a la LeBron.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he went to Philly instead of the Yankees.  At least Philly has only won a couple of times

I think you can draw a line from these powerful sports franchises to the way the American economy has seen its wealth consolidated among the top 1%.   Players are merging to form super-teams, much the way banks were merged to form mega-corporations.   

Hopefully this is just a trend.  Otherwise the Mets are screwed.

5 Responses to “The Phillies, Heat, Celtics, Wall Street, and the consolidation of power.”

  1. jb said

    Aye now, Laddie . . . using me best brogue)

    While I fergive ye that t’was yer Giants that boycotted the WS and denied me Red Sox two “smoke the Nationals” in a row back in ’04 (19) . . .

    And while the Phils front office made Brian Cashman look like a rookie slipping into matters and hooking Lee away from Mr. Allied Sidern and Winders as well . . .

    Credit where credit is due. Theo smoked everyone . . . Adrian and Carl added to that line-up, and every pitcher coming back healthy?

    Oh, My! One should feel sorry for the Phillies, because with Lee they will get to the Series, but unfortunately, the Red Sox will be waiting–as the best proof of your original contention.


  2. Redsox v Phillies is the sexy Series. To be honest I’m sick of the Redsox too, even though I like it when they beat the Yankees. That’s why I savored this past Series. I have a feeling there aren’t going to be too many more featuring two likeable small-market teams.

    Oh, and the Giants aren’t my team even though I live in the Bay Area. I’ll probably end up more of an As fan but my team will always be….THE METS!

  3. jbiii said

    Aye . . .

    Those “Metropolitans”

    Liked them for Casey and ’69—they had Mr. Allied Sidern and Winders chucking then, too.

    Still hate ’em for ’86, though. But it wasn’t Buckner, the Mets just won the last two games on guts. Credit to them for that. 🙂

  4. jordanmayblum said

    Why is it that a man who at one point not too long ago couldn’t beat Aaron Laffey for a rotation spot is now making more than Roy Halladay?

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