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On any given Sunday: JETS!

Posted by keithosaunders on January 17, 2011

Nobody, including myself, thought that the Jets were capable of beating the Patriots on the road in the playoffs.  Except for Rex Ryan, their coach.  Maybe it’s the power of the foot fetishist but Ryan, in both of his  years as Jet head coach, has taken the Jets to the brink of the Super Bowl.

This year the Jets must travel the most improbable road, beating Indianapolis, New England, and this sunday, Pittsburgh.  No team had ever beaten Peyton Manning and Brady on consecutive weeks until yesterday.  Can you imagine a team beating those two plus Roethlisberger on three straight weeks?!  How about Manning, Brady, Roethlisberger and Aaron Rogers?  I’m crazed with success!

It could happen.  When you have a team that plays defense at the level that the Jets do anything is possible.  Brady was completely frustrated as time and again he had nobody to throw to.  He was sacked five times and sent to the ground numerous others.  It will be a little tougher to get to Roethlisberger, who is more mobile, but if the Jets can control the ball on the ground as they did against Indy — eat clock and get a few big plays from their receivers —  anything is possible.  Sanchez will give you fits which is why I like that Ryan has, for the most part, has not forced him to make big plays, staying on the ground and sticking with the short, high percentage passing game.

Is there anything more joyous than sending blowhard Bill Belichick on an early vacation?  Yesterday Belichick benched Wes Welker, who had broken a Patriots rule about not trash talking,  for the first series of plays.  Belichick wanted to send a message to Welker, but I thought he was really trying to send a message to the Jets.  Bill tried to out-cocky Ryan by in effect saying that the Pats could beat the Jets without their best receiver.  Nice try, Bill.  Enjoy your offseason.     


14 Responses to “On any given Sunday: JETS!”

  1. jb said

    As a pleasant change from our other exchanges . . .

    The Jets simply stuck it to the Pats–no other way to put it.

    This time of year, the “best” teams are the ones who “want it” the most.

    The Jets have earned their place. Congrats, Dude.

  2. jb said

    Sanchez has something to prove, beyond all the hype.

    Like Aaron in Green Bay . . . everyone wondered about them both.

    In any case, there are 4 really, really good teams still in the hunt. Makes for great popcorn and beer times. 😉

    • I am beginning to think that Sanchez is what he is — an average QB who can play great within a system that is tailored to him. WIth the Jet’s it will be all about the D, which yesterday was spectacular!

      Looking forward to Bears/Pack too. Aaron Rogers is amazing. Black and blue division!

  3. jbiii said

    Not to argue (we do that enough on other subjects LOL) . . .

    You put on the pads and go under center, you are way above average. Two tons of beef and pads immediately in front of you, looking to separate you from your uniform and/or various limbs, all so you can hand-off or somehow fling a football 90 feet in an act of controlled desperation.

    Nah, nothing average in that. The D was spectacular yesterday, and Sanchez was the field general in putting up 28 winning points. Against the best team in the NFL. Again, hardly average.

    I know what you mean, but Aaron Rogers had to watch Farve’s butt go out on the field for several seasons when he was a better QB than the old man; Cutler has always been dissed; Sanchez is having his coming out party. Ole Ben in Pittsburgh (part of the original NFL) is like Earl and Johnny U were in Baltimore back in SB III. Back then, those new raucous boys with the even more raucous QB proudly announced they were gonna win.

    Sanchez might be quieter than Broadway Joe, but I have this sneaky suspicion he has, as did Joe, a Super Bowl win up his sleeve, just out of sight for the moment.

    In any case, it’s gonna be some great football next weekend.

  4. zapple100 said

    I just hope The Jets don’t think beating The Pats were their Superbowl. Last week was wild in NY with all the trash talking. This week it’s bee real quiet.
    Both games should be good. I like to see a Jet-Packer Superbowl.

    • I agree — I want to see nothing but green in the Superbowl. If the Jets lay an egg this Sunday it’s going to be depressing — they have been to the championship game (I think) three times in the last decade and a loss to the Steelers, combined with all of the other heartbreaking losses over the years, would be tough to take.

  5. jbiii said


    I have no dog in this hunt per se (I am a Dolphins fan–sigh) . . .

    And while I like the QB Rogers has become, and think Lovie Smith is a great (from Texas, too!) coach . . .

    I am a “divisional” sort of guy . . . Jets–Dolphins–same division.

    So–I’m going for the Jets. Imagine that–a lifelong Red Sox fan rooting for a team from NY.

    I hope you understand the sacrifice I am making! LOL

  6. jbiii said

    Aw-right, Dude . . .

    The Pack explained matters to the Bears.

    Now, get your Jets to do what they have to to make me an honest man and remain a Red Sox fan!

    🙂 1st Qtr

  7. jbiii said


    Pitt has won recently. Rogers has been trying his best to come out from under the shadow of Favre.

    Gotta go with Rogers and the Pack. I have missed on every other call, so I am due.

    Hey, Dude . . . the Jets had a great, great run. Be proud of your boys!

    • PIttsburgh was better. The Jets made too many mistakes — you can’t drop tailor made interceptions against that team and expect to win. Roethlisberger may be a scumbag but he is a hell of a QB. You can’t tackle him.

      This is the first Superbowl in a while that I don’t care who wins — I just want a good game. Yeah, I guess Green Bay because how many damn times can Pittsburgh win it? (also Rogers played at Berkeley)

  8. jbiii said

    Oh, Keith

    You coulda gone all year without mentioning Berkeley.


    I think this is Rogers’ year. Given my record thus far, Pitt will win by 21. But I gotta feeling. And you’d like Green Bay/Appleton as much as I did. Great beers up there!

    Coolio Folks. Anyway . . . Steel men versus Meat Packers. Should be good.

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