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Talk to the Hand

Posted by keithosaunders on February 9, 2010

 The mocking of  Barack Obama by Sarah Palin for his use of a teleprompter is something I don’t get.  Even the most rabid tea-partier must understand that it is impossible to memorize an 80 minute speech.  Every president has used the teleprompter since its invention. 

If I was a Republican I would be insulted by being condescended to with such a weak talking point.  If this does get traction it is disconcerting to say the least — as if the flimsiest of criticism can seem valid if repeated enough.

3 Responses to “Talk to the Hand”

  1. honjii said

    This coming from a woman who probably doesn’t possess the skills to read a teleprompter and is forced to use flash cards from Hooked on Phonics when she gives a “speech”?!

  2. planetofbob said

    “as if the flimsiest of criticism can seem valid if repeated enough.” – Truer words may never have been spoken Keith.

    On the other hand, we have Honjii’s comments, which are as ignorant as yours are wise. Does Palin possess Obama or Reagan’s oratory skills? Probably not, but she is leaps and bounds above Bush. Actually, look at her speech from the republican convention – actually pretty good.

    Not good enough to ever get me to vote for her, but still not bad.

  3. thinking said

    To planetofbob, Honjii’s comments are not ignnorant, I believe, in your ignorance, you failed to realize the word you are looking for to describe her comments is snide. I like reading Honjii’s blog and she is anything but ignorant.,

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